Tent Side Rail Double Bracket Hex leg


Entice more people to learn about your business today when you use this Double Bracket Hex! It's a portable piece of hardware that assembles quickly without tools so you can set up your tent side rail with ease. This is perfect for those who need a bit of stability to make their display that much more fabulous. Offer this to various companies and businesses to stay on their radar, or use it for your own exhibit to make a fantastic impression! Blank product.


Price from $7.97 - $9.00

Pricing and Charges
Quantity Price Per Unit 1 -4 $9.00 5 -9 $8.57 10 -49 $8.36 50 -99 $8.16 100 + $7.97

Price Includes: Side Rail Bracket for Hexagon tent leg

Additional Options & Charges Price
Rush Service Charge - 1 business days